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I am a…

“I am an individual with a great product idea that I want to get off the ground.”

“I have a start up company that is trying to develop our first product.”

“My company is looking to outsource the design of a new addition to our product line.”

What we offer:

We can take your idea from pub/mamak conversation to the production line.

Our British designers will walk you through the whole product design process. From initial concept sketches, through detailed 3D CAD renderings and prototyping to manufacturing engineering.

We provide high quality design solutions which are optimised for the chosen materials and processes and ready for manufacture.

Our location in Kuala Lumpur means that we can offer British quality at an affordable price, and it enables hands-on control when the design goes into manufacture out East.

DELCO now has its own in-house 3D printer which we can use to save you time and money on prototyping.

Our in-house experts can create designs for you, or we can print off models you designed yourself.

We can also hand craft prototypes from a range of other materials such as wood, metal, foam etc

We’re opening up Asia for Western start-ups and SMEs. Our chosen partners can offer low cost for low and medium volumes. We are on the ground, accountable and giving clear communication so that setting up your Asian production line is as pain-free as possible.

We endeavour to partner only with transparent manufacturing companies with green/ethical policies in place. We ensure 100% IP assurance and a high level of quality control.

Malaysia is the perfect place to set up your first production line. It is friendly to low volumes. It is much cheaper than Europe and doesn’t have the IP, quality and communication difficulties experienced in China.

DELCO loves start-ups. We strongly believe that anyone should be able to make their product dream a reality. We feed off the excitement of entrepreneurs and inventors.

Our experience working with start-ups means that we are very aware of the challenges and the importance of being time and cost efficient, communicative and reliable.

Find out more about our , Inventor PackageStartUp Package or our Fundraising 101 Workshop.

A common problem of inventors and startups is that they have a great idea or prototype, but don’t have the money to fund production.

Our Fundraising 101 Workshop explains the various funding options available in Malaysia. From grants to VCs and angels, and even kickstarter, we work out what is the best funding route for your company, and teach you how to best prepare your company to get the money it needs.